Painting Competition

In the past ten years, some of the most amazing armies ever seen on the Warhammer tabletop have made their way to the Alamo. To reflect this, for the past few years we've done a paint contest outside of the Appearance awards.

Each player can enter a single entry into each of the following categories:

Best Single Model: One model, who would be fielded on a base smaller than 50mm x 50mm.
Best Large Model: One model or war machine, who would be fielded on a base 50mm x 50mm or larger.
Best Unit/Diorama: As many models as desired, as long as they are tied as a unit or based as part of a larger narrative.

The top three entries in each category will be recognized, as well as one more:

the Best In Show: The absolute best entry across all three categories.

Please note, if your entry into this contest is something you field as part of your army list, and you win one of the Travis awards for Best Appearance, you will be INELIGIBLE to win one of these awards. If you bring something from a different army, of course, you're fine! The short version: If it gets judged for Appearance and you win, it can't win here.

Entries do not have to be Kings of War, or even Mantic - they just have to be miniatures!

Also, it should go without saying, but you need to have completely painted the model yourself.

2015 entries

2014 entries

2013 entries