Who's Coming!

Check this page regularly to see who you'll meet at the tournament. If it has been more than a week since you paid, and you are still marked as unpaid, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Your space is not reserved until it is paid for. 18 slots remain!

Confirmed List

NameGaming ClubArmyPaid?List?
Aaron ChapmanDOJOVarungar
Brad McKayDOJONightstalkers
Brinton WilliamsCorehammerUndead
Chris DavisISAKin or Abyssal Dwarves
Chris GibneyBlues City Brawlers  
Dustin HowardDOJO
Jeff RadiganHAWGSRatkin  
Jeremy DuvallReckless DiceUndead
John GreenVarangur
John HoggeMinionsGoblins
JP ScottEmpire of Dust  
Justin BalusikHHoTBrotherhood  
Kevin VonFeldtTabletop TitansDwarves
Lex SimonAustin Minions
Marc TaylorTexas RenegadesEmpire of Dust
Michael PearcyTabletop TitansOrcs
Mike DeterHHoTElves  
Mike GrajedaMinionsForces of Nature
Nathan ArnoldSAKOWSalamanders
Patrick AllenTable Top Titams
Quentin BohnTrident Realms
Rashad Navidi
Rick HoyHAWGSVarungur
Robby KingHHoTOrcs
Ryan ChiassonKin  
Sean Maloy
Stephen EudyOgres  
Stephen FIrthDOJOAbyssal Dwarves
Steve HousenickHHoT
Zach ClarkMinionsTwilight Kin

Unpaid list

NameGaming ClubPaid?
Mark CoxHHoT 
Matt Serpico 
Nicholas MikelonisDOJO 
Todd O'Neal 
Todd SerpicoTabletop Titans