Who's Coming!

Check this page regularly to see who you'll meet at the tournament. If it has been more than a week since you paid, and you are still marked as unpaid, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Your space is not reserved until it is paid for. 32 slots remain!

Confirmed List

NameGaming ClubArmyPaid?List?
Aaron ChapmanDOJO
Brad McKayDOJOTwilight Kin
Chris DavisISAKin or evhyl duardin
Chris GibneyBlues City Brawlers/HHoTTrident Realms
Cody WilkersonHHoTOgres
Dustin HowardDOJOTBD
Ethan SchnellHAWGSElves
Jeff GrajedaMinions
Jeffery SwannTabletop TitansSomething bullshitty
Jeremy DuvallTabletop TitansUndead
John HoggeMinionsGoblins
Jordan LawrenceTabletop TitansSalamanders whaaaaaaaat
Jose VegaThe Gathering PlaceForces of Nature
JP ScottSAKoWSlavs
Justin BalusikHHoT/SAKoWOgres
Kevin von FeldtTabletop TitansUndead
Lex SimonMinionsTrident Realms
Luke SchnellHAWGSNightstalkers
Matt YoungThe Gathering PlaceOgres
Matthew CarmackTabletop TitansEmpire of Dust
Mike DeterHHoTElves
Mike GrajedaMinionsElves
Nathan ArnoldSAKoWKingdoms of Men
Nicholas MikelonisDOJOUndead
Patrick "Zoro" AllenTabletop TitansVarangur
Q BohnCopius CoitusNuns with Buns
Rashad NavidiTabletop TitansUndead
Ray ShieldsThe AristocratsRatkin
Rick HoyHAWGSSome army or other
Ryan ChiassonHHoTKin
Samuel BarrMinionsElves
Steven HousenickHHoT
Zach ClarkMinionsGoblins

Unpaid list

NameGaming ClubPaid?
Mark CoxHHoT 
Scott Prebeg