Who's Coming!

Check this page regularly to see who you'll meet at the tournament. If it has been more than a week since you paid, and you are still marked as unpaid, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Your space is not reserved until it is paid for. 15 slots remain!

Confirmed List

NameGaming ClubArmyPaid?List?
Aaron ChapmanDOJO  
Andrew MintonOKcrewSalamanders  
Chris DavisGodsmack SongUndead  
Dustin HowardDOJOSomething Pretty  
Dylan MurrayBlues City BrawlersSalamanders  
Hank GoogeTabletop TitansDwarves  
James McLeanSAKoWEmpire of Dust  
Jeff RadiganDOJO  
Jeff SwannTabletop Titans  
Jeremy DuvallTabletop TitansBasilea  
John GreenDOJOHurricane Defiance  
John HoggeMinionsNightstalkers  
Jose VegaLlamadillosOrder of the Green Lady  
Lance HatcherOKcrewOgres  
Lex SimonMinionsHerd  
Mark BrysonOKcrewHerd  
Mark CoxHHoTRatkin  
Matt CarmackHHoT  
Nicholas MikelonisDOJO  
Randy DavisImperial Dwarves  
Rick HoyHAWGsSome army, or other  
Tim DelmasKingdoms of Men  
Tom AnnisDOJOUndead  
Tony RodgersSuisun WarriorsAbyssal Dwarves  
Zach ClarkMinionsUndead