Darklands Campaigns

Campaigns are one of the truly amazing ways to immerse yourself in the Darklands game two armies facing off in multiple games, one against the other, where the winner of the previous game gains an advantage and the loser is forced to regroup! Whilst we know that such games are not always possible, we strongly encourage players to make the attempt to play the entire campaign with one army facing off against the same opponent, using the same armies.

Of course, these games can also be played as one-off games, where you find an opponent and just play the scenario with that opponent! Such games are, of course, fine in this context.

Rather than a typical tournament setup where one player will be declared the winner, instead one Kindred from Darklands will be declared the victor when the campaign is over, and will see a benefit in the summer Kickstarter!

Kraan leads the Fomoraic forth for glory

Darklands: Distant Hoofbeats

Darklands: Distant Hoofbeats is an international multiplayer campaign for the game Darklands, by Mierce Miniatures. It follows the course of a raid by the Attacking Army on the Defending Army's homeland.

To participate, you'll need an opponent to play against, a table, and appropriate models! After you've played the game, come back and report the results on the Results page - you'll need to know your opponent's e-mail address, and remember what army they played.

Please note that in the current scoring metric, you can only turn in one score per army for each week of the campaign. If Caitlin plays her Erainn against Ethan's Brythoniaid, and then plays against David's Khthones, only the first score she turns in will count! However, if she chooses to grab her Fomoraic army for the second game instead, she can turn in a score to benefit them as well. See the Scoring page for more details.

We hope you can be a part of it!

—The Alamo GT Darklands staff

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