Scoring System

Urien inspires his Brythoniaid

Scoring for Darklands: Distant Hoofbeats will focus on kindred progress rather than tracking the results of individual players. Each game result turned in will provide the following score benefits to the kindreds played.

The outcome of the game will benefit a kindred in the following ways:

Victory:             5 points
Defeat:              2 points
Stalemate:           3 points

Each game will also have up to three scenario points that may be awarded to the kindred:

Scenario points:     0-3 points
Since we want to reward players for both turning in their score sheet, if both players turn in their score, each kindred will gain a tenth of a point
Both players turned in scores: 0.1 points
Finally, we want to reward players for playing the game as a campaign! Therefore, players will gain an additional bonus for playing more than one game of the campaign against the same opponent.
Two games against the same opponent/army: 1 point
Three games against the same opponent/army: 2 points
Four games against the same opponent/army: 3 points
Five games against the same opponent/army: 5 points

What's the point to the points?

Well, the kindred that "wins" the campaign (by having the most points at the end) will be one of the first stretch goals unlocked for the Darklands Kickstarter this summer!

How can I participate?

Just come back to this site while the campaign is ongoing, and there will be a page for you to use to log your results. It's that simple!

Also see: Rules