First off, the 2020 Kings of War Alamo GT will be still happening the weekend of November 6th through 8th. It is not being canceled.

How, you ask? If San Antonio lifts its ban on gatherings of 10+ by August 8th 2020 we will be in a new venue, if not we will be running a 10-player event in San Antonio and helping other cities that are interested and able do the same (like a two-day online Campaign Day), while also coordinating an online tournament.

No matter what, things will be different this year. Due to a couple of circumstances, only which some are related to the ongoing pandemic, we will not be using our old venue. As a TABC licensed bar, they are currently closed by mandate of our Governor. They cannot provide us with a reopening date, or guarantee that they will reopen if the bar restriction is listed.


Regardless of where we hold the event, the following protective requirements will be mandated to all players and staff.

  • Masks will be worn at all times. (And mandatory clothing. You know who you are.)
  • NO Physical contact. Hugs, handshakes, high fives, and aggressive cuddles will be prohibited.
  • NO handling other people's models or dice.
  • You will have to wash your hands after using the bathroom.
  • We will be doing no-touch temperature screenings at the door and refusing entry to anyone above 100.2.
  • Tables will be spaced as far apart as we can physically fit them.
  • We will bring as much hand sanitizer as we can buy at Costco.

    We have been looking for another venue, and are pretty sure we have found it. They are affordable, are willing to put up with our nonsense, and seem like good people.

    HOWEVER, the mayor of San Antonio currently has a prohibition in place of social gatherings of more than 10 people. Since the backup venue requires a staff of 2, and we cannot run Alamo without a staff of 2, it would be very cost prohibitive to run the event for six people. The current prohibition on groups larger than 10 has been extended indefinitely. If it has not been pulled back by August 8th, 2020 we move on to


    We have also come up with a double top secret backup backup venue. While not as fine a venue as our backup, it does not nearly the overhead costs associated with it, and the staff trust us enough to let us run it without them present. It also has a separate area (think “control room”) where the two tournament staff can loiter without being in the gaming area, allowing a 10-person event to take place.

    Using this double top secret backup venue, I will be running a ten man tournament in San Antonio, using the personal safety guidelines above. If anyone wants to volunteer to take charge of their city and also run one, following their local social distancing guidelines, please reach out to us at contact (at) alamofantasygt (dot) com

    Why do we need to make the decision by August 8th? Well, in addition to coordinating any cities that want to participate, for those who don't have a city running one, or don't want to risk protected exposure to others, I will ALSO be coordinating a Univeral Battle tournament, held at the same times as the Alamo GT games here in San Antonio, and using the Alamo scenarios. Each city, and the online matchups, will have awards for their players announced via live stream on Sunday night. Details to follow after the decision is made to explain how we'll handle things like Soft Scores, paint judging, list deadlines, and so on. Trust us though, we're working on it!

    We hope we can see everyone in November. If we cannot, we hope you're rolling dice with us anyway!