General Rules

Army Lists: 2,000 points
Reserve force: 500 points

Allowed Lists

Rules for the Army Lists:

Rules for the Reserve Army Lists:

Any cheesy dork planning to bring a beardy tooled up army should think twice. Anyone who does this will be exposed as the punk he is, all in good fun of course. The tournament organizers reserve the right to disallow any army list that is deemed to be terribly unsporting but unless an army list makes us throw up a little in our mouths when we read it, if it's legal, it's getting in the door. (Some people just stopped reading, so they will miss the important part)

But that does NOT mean that your army list is "APPROVED".

It just didn't make us physically ill. Those are not the same things.

No one is required to like playing against it, or to like you for bringing it. If you bring the pain, keep your gob shut when people cast their bad game votes accordingly...


The Alamo will follow the standard rules for line of sight and terrain, as defined in the Kings of War Version 2 rulebook, the Clash of Kings book, and any FAQs

—Oscar "dA mAd cHoPpA" Barela, SAGW Standard Bearer

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